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CAD LIVE Connection & IT Requirements Guide

New security upgrades will be live on July 8, 2024. Make sure you have the right IT requirements in place, or you will not be able to fully access CAD LIVE systems!

Live Instructor-led Virtual Education

CAD LIVE is our seamless virtual training platform that allows you to learn from anywhere! It seamlessly replicates the classroom environment in a digital, remote setting, allowing students and instructors to connect from any location.

For uninterrupted connection to CAD LIVE systems during class, please ensure network requirements are met. Otherwise, you may not be able to fully access all of the tools we provide in CAD LIVE. This guide has been prepared to help.

Our Connection Requirements

Students connect to our CAD LIVE Web Application at The CAD LIVE web application connects users to various other technologies for training, like remote computers and video streaming screenshares.

For our interactive training, CAD LIVE connects to Dizzion Frame Virtual Machines.
Frame Network Config documentation:
For our private screen sharing, CAD LIVE initiates a peer-to-peer video stream for the instructor to privately view student screens (when they initiate sharing) using Xirsys.
  • Xirsys required open ports are: 3478 (TCP & UDP), 5349 (TLS), 49152 –65535 (UDP & TCP).
We use Zoom in CAD LIVE. And, oh, hey, you’re on mute.

Connect with Us!

If you have any questions or would like us to set up a test class for troubleshooting and configuration, please email us and we’ll be glad to help.

You can email us at

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