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As business consultants in the Manufacturing, AECO, and Process & Power industries, Team D3 drives innovation and transformation for our clients.

We leverage the latest in Digital, Design, and Data (D3) technologies, combined with our proven processes and continuous improvement methodologies.

D3 Technologies


Founded in 1998, D3 Technologies guides innovation and facilitates maturity for clients in the Manufacturing industry.

Our experts enable organizations to successfully navigate the digital transformation journey, maximize investments to design better products, and get them to market faster.

Specialized solutions:


Control master data with ERP. Have access to data across the entire business process.


Product Lifecycle Management creates a single source for data to standardize workflows between all business systems.


Product Data Management drives the development of management strategies, control, and aggregated data to diversify product data.


Automation drives competitive advantage with sales configuration and design modularity.


Connect product data across the organization to leverage and maximize the critical impact.


AECO Industry

MG has been the expert in the AECO industry for over 75 years. We partner with clients to enrich economic prosperity and create an environment that inspires growth.

Our combination of technology solutions and broad expertise in industry best practices enable our clients to create informed, world-class projects.

Specialized solutions:


Apply a manufacturing mindset to construction projects for seamless execution.


Incorporate contextual data to create robust designs.


Create a digital twin environment of linked data that produces an accurate, virtual representation of real-world entities and processes.


Automation of workflows creates efficiencies and empowers teams.


Connect from currently siloed datasets to provide competitive deliverables.

ECAD, Inc.

Process & Power Industry

Known for our exceptional expertise in supporting clients who participate in the oil and gas industries, ECAD is a leader in the Process & Power industry. Founded in 1987, our mission is to deliver unmatched value and customer satisfaction by integrating hardware, software and professional services.

ECAD helps companies transition and evolve their workflows through:

  • Expert consulting services
  • Professionally certified training
  • Industry-leading products
  • Superior customer support

Specialized solutions:


Create intelligent, accurate models of existing conditions to meet project deadlines with real-world 3D animation models.


Connected template creation, custom sub assemblies for corridors, creation of custom pipe network content, workflow analysis, and CAD management services.


Product Data Management drives the development of management strategies, control, and aggregated data to diversify product data.


Automation drives efficiency and allows for the integration of data from different sources automatically.


Connect datasets throughout workflows to provide valuable insights into business outcomes.

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Autodesk has announced that as of June 10th, 2024 (in US and Canada only), it is shifting to a new transaction process to streamline and improve the buying experience for your Autodesk subscriptions.