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Static & Dynamic Stamps in Revu

Stamps in Bluebeam® Revu® are located under the Tools menu tab. In this location, you’ll see the out-of-the-box stamps included with the purchase of Revu. You can also create your own custom stamps to use for future projects. In the post below, we’ll take a look at the two types of stamps in Revu.



Static Stamps

Creating a custom stamp includes taking advantage of the world-class Revu markups. Text markups, pen markups, line-styles, shapes, and images can all be added to a stamp. A static stamp is a stamp that stays consistent regardless of how or when it’s placed. In our last “How to with Revu” Q&A webinar, we created a simple stamp by adding a textbox with the word “Accepted” and a line beneath it.

Every time I use this stamp, it will always look like it does below: 



Dynamic Stamps

You can create a dynamic stamp using the same process. You can even add the markup tools to create some very elaborate stamps. When creating a dynamic stamp, there is some data you can take advantage of from within your machine.

  • User – Add the display name used when signing into your computer.
  • File – Places the name of the file that the stamp has been placed on with the file extension.
  • File Without Extension – Places the name of the file that the stamp has been placed on without adding the file extension.
  • Date – Adds the date of when the stamp was placed.
  • Time – Adds the time that the stamp was placed.

The options below are for changing how your date and time are displayed. 



Once selected, the text &[OPTION]. This indicates the stamp text for this text box will dynamically change depending on how/when the stamp is added.

Once the stamp is applied, you can see how the dynamic text boxes “work their magic” by adding both my name and the date I applied the stamp.

Note: Depending on the date, the &[DATE] text applied will dynamically apply the date to match. This is the same for the user name- I can log in to another Windows account, and the &[USER] text will change.



Try Bluebeam Revu today. Download your free, 30-day trial here.

Alex Arriaga is a Bluebeam Design Technology Specialist at MG AEC Technology Partners. Alex is a Bluebeam Certified Instructor, Bluebeam Certified Support Representative and a member of the Denver Bluebeam User Group. He works with organizations and individuals in furthering their workflows with and knowledge of Bluebeam Revu.

Bluebeam Revu is a registered trademark of Bluebeam, Inc., used under license.

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