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Updating Product Lifecycle Management Systems

connecting digital data

A Client Success Story with Team D3 and Ezurio using Autodesk Fusion Manage and Upchain Customer challenge Ezurio, formerly known as Laird, is a global leader in comprehensive connectivity solutions for the transport, connected industry, connected medical, telecom/computing, and mobile device markets. With their existing worldwide footprint and with the constant advancements in related technologies, […]

Overcoming Product Inventory Challenges with an All-Inclusive ERP Solution

The Customer Cush Suspensions specializes in OEM and aftermarket suspensions for trucks and trailers to help drivers achieve optimized ride quality. They are a provider of both engineered-to-order suspensions and standard suspensions for trucks and trailers. Cush Suspensions needed an all-inclusive solution to meet the tracking requirements of production, work order management, and inventory control. […]

Convergence of Desktop, Collaboration, Data, and Digitization Part 2

Continuing from our Part 1 conversation, the Venn diagram includes a Communication layer that builds upon the previous design and data convergence. In our earlier conversation, we talked about having multiple connection points to different software solutions and looking at that data through dashboards and reports. Still, we need to expand on this further.

Convergence of Desktop, Collaboration, Data, and Digitization

Looking at this Venn diagram, we at Team D3 are starting to see a convergence of different industries and disciplines like we have never seen before. Starting at our desktops with our design files, and then collaborating with everyone in the cloud, trying to connect our data in as many ways as possible, and lastly […]