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Autodesk, Connected Data, Manufacturing

Updating Product Lifecycle Management Systems

connecting digital data

A Client Success Story with Team D3 and Ezurio using Autodesk Fusion Manage and Upchain

Customer challenge

Ezurio, formerly known as Laird, is a global leader in comprehensive connectivity solutions for the transport, connected industry, connected medical, telecom/computing, and mobile device markets. With their existing worldwide footprint and with the constant advancements in related technologies, it became clear that they needed to update their Product Lifecycle Management solutions.

The Project Goals

With Ezurio’s forecasted future growth, they needed a solution that would both allow them to provide uninterrupted service and support to their existing customers while making room for the expected new customer growth. The solution would need to provide quickened cycle times by leveraging cloud-based Engineering Data Management and Product Lifecycle Management (PDM) solutions to streamline workflows while providing visibility, accountability, and traceability of all product and process data throughout their organization. As an added feature, the solution needed to provide a “supplier portal” that would allow their suppliers to participate as a PLM “stakeholder” where and when applicable.

photo of Laird device from Ezurio

The Solution

Team D3 prescribed a combination of Autodesk Fusion Manage and Upchain to meet the project goals. The solution was assessed in a configured test environment, often called a “Sandbox”, that allows the end-users to use the solution safely outside the confines of their existing production atmosphere. The sandbox test period provided the end-users an opportunity to become familiar with how the combined PDM and PLM application would work as it relates to their primary requirements including “Engineering Change Management,” Bill of Materials” workflows, a “SolidWorks Plugin,” along with the “Supplier Portal.” The test environment also allowed them to use the knowledge they would gain from the customized training for both end-users and administrators provided by Team D3.  We suggested the solution should follow a phased implementation methodology to account for the business requirements and goals identified and discussed during the requirements gathering phase of the project.

The Business Outcome

The customized implementation of Autodesk Fusion Manage and Upchain addressed the highest and most foundational element of connecting people, processes, and siloed data. This resulted in a more seamless stakeholder collaboration, efficient innovation, design, and production procedures, and a newfound assurance of meeting deadlines while speeding up product development. Ezurio now has a single source of truth for all of their latest product data spanning all related corporate silos of information. Additionally, the need for a “supplier portal” for real-time collaboration with their supplier chain was accomplished.

Additional benefits include:

  • Stakeholders real-time access to data needed for quoting, procurement, & product development.
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboards: personalized, graphically rich user dashboards and reports.
  • Bill Of Materials: Centrally managed and shared BOMs, ensuring stakeholders are working with up-to-date information.
  • Design Collaboration & Review: Shared real-time data and feedback via markup & comments without CAD licenses.
  • New Product Innovation: Configurable project templates and standardized stage-gate milestones, deliverables, and tasks.
  • Quality Management: Automated quality workflows track and record changes and analyze quality metrics to prevent issues.

The Conclusion

As with any well-planned implementation, beyond the achieved initial project business goals and requirements, there will often be discoveries from the subsequent adoption and use of the new PLM/PDM solution. Shortly after the official rollout of the new cloud-based Autodesk Fusion Manage and Upchain solution, discussions ensued surrounding the integration with their existing NetSuite ERP system to create more enterprise-wide system connectivity.

Through the tailored workflows and centralized product data, a more tangible connection exists between Ezurio’s engineering team and their customer’s needs. A new collective synergy now drives more focused product development, along with enhanced and efficient manufacturing systems, while making sales and supply chain activities more efficient.

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