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How to with Revu : Tips & Tricks | Search Panel

connecting digital data

The Search panel allows you to search for both text and visual components in a PDF. With the text search we can search for specific text on a PDF or markups while the visual search allows users to search for specific line work.  Below are some examples we took a look at in the “How […]

The Dynamic Duo of Water Infrastructure Management: Autodesk’s InfoWater Pro and Esri ArcGIS 

If you work in water infrastructure management, you’ve likely encountered Autodesk InfoWater Pro and Esri ArcGIS. These powerful tools often work in tandem, helping engineers and water professionals address complex challenges. Let’s explore how these technologies complement each other and the key problems they can solve.  InfoWater Pro is hydraulic modeling software designed specifically for […]

Integrating Autodesk Revit BIMs into ArcGIS 3D Scene Layers

Introduction   In the evolving landscape of digital design and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), integrating Building Information Modeling (BIM) with GIS has become crucial for creating intelligent, data-driven urban environments. Autodesk Revit, a leading BIM software, enables detailed building design and construction planning. When integrated with ArcGIS 3D Scene Layers, it allows for immersive visualization, analysis, […]

Overcoming Inventory Challenges

We utilized expert solutions, capable platforms, and strong partnerships to solve Cush Suspension’s initial challenges, and set them up for future growth and success. See how we did it. The Customer Cush Suspensions specializes in OEM and aftermarket suspensions for trucks and trailers to help drivers achieve optimized ride quality. They are a provider […]

Updating Product Lifecycle Management Systems

connecting digital data

A Client Success Story with Team D3 and Ezurio using Autodesk Fusion Manage and Upchain Customer challenge Ezurio, formerly known as Laird, is a global leader in comprehensive connectivity solutions for the transport, connected industry, connected medical, telecom/computing, and mobile device markets. With their existing worldwide footprint and with the constant advancements in related technologies, […]

Connecting Engineering Design Data and Documentation

Image of a draw bridge

Lemke Industrial Machine had historically used Microsoft One Drive and SharePoint to manage all their engineering data. Over time, it became clear that they needed more robust procedures and methodologies with which to manage their engineering design data and documentation.

How to with Revu : Tips & Tricks | Multiplying Markups

Copy & paste markups no more! With Revu21 we now have the ability to multiply markups across documents with set distances. Revu21 now allows us to specify direction, distance at scale, and set a specific number of copies to apply. Preview what markup will look like before applying them, and with a click of a […]

Team D3 Crafts a Virtual Replica of Gillette Stadium and Patriot Place

[Foxborough, MA] – [April 24, 2024] – Team D3, a leader in design, build and operations technology consulting, is proud to announce its official partnership with KS+E and the Kraft Group. This groundbreaking collaboration focuses on developing a comprehensive digital twin of Gillette Stadium, the iconic home of the six-time Super Bowl Champion New England […]