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Evolve 360

Providing the highest quality training at an incredible value over traditional offerings.

What is Evolve 360?

Our Evolve 360 training plan provides complete access to instructor-led courses that your team can take advantage of as often as classes are available. With purposely designed courses and tracks that simplify course selection, we help streamline enrollment in suitable training, ensuring the time your teams invest is directly related to your organization’s goals.

Unlimited access to classes
Skills assessments
Tailored training tracks

Master Your Learning Journey


Evolve 360 begins with core skills training and assessments to evaluate current skills.


Increase your team’s efficiencies with consistent training for all.


Our upper-level training guides you in adopting the latest technologies.


Keep your team’s skills up to date with frequently added courses. 

Popular Evolve 360 Courses

Enhance your team’s efficiency and fuel productivity with our extensive catalog of training programs.

More Professional Development Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Our new hire assessment tool evaluates potential new hires, safeguarding your investment in the hiring and onboarding process. With the help of this assessment, you can feel confident your new hires possess the skills you need.

Our annual team skill assessment is available upon request and includes standardized questions to evaluate your team’s software proficiency. We’ll review the results with you and identify which training and classes will benefit each user.

Yes, classes will be held on CAD LIVE. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser, a 5Mbps wired internet connection, webcam, two-way audio or headset, and dual monitors. See the CAD LIVE page for more details.

No. Our CAD LIVE training platform provides you with a seamless training experience. Learn more about CAD LIVE here.

Many of our courses include supplemental self-paced content, forums, and reference material to continue your learning past the point in time when you attended the live session. Learn more about our platform CAD LIVE.

Ready to Begin Evolve 360?

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