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Implementing Efficient Internal Processes

The Customer 4 Design, LLC is a full-service, commercial interior design firm specializing in Senior Living, Education, Hospitality, and Multi-Family Housing. 4 Design, LLC has been delivering interior solutions beyond style by connecting with their client’s mission, values, and project goals since 2004. The Customer’s Challenge Our objective for the initial meeting was to develop valuable insight into 4 […]

Inventor Phase: 3D Model Automation

The Customer’s Challenge WJ Higgins had a long-standing customer who expressed a need for a quicker and more innovative methodology for the design and manufacturing of their construction components. As a result of their customer’s necessity, WJ Higgins began to examine what of their current design and manufacturing procedures might be changed or upgraded in […]

Digital Transformation with Autodesk PLM

The Customer’s Challenge ME Global, a wholly owned subsidiary of ME Elecmetal, manufactures high-quality components for large-scale mining operations. As a global company, it realized that a comprehensive digital transformation could help it improve quality, product development ingenuity, and cost-efficiency. When your products can crush rocks the size of cars, thinking big comes naturally. This […]

Updating Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle API-Integrations to use Forge-based Authentication

The Customer’s Challenge Greenpoint Technologies (A Safran Company) faced a tight deadline to update Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle API based integrations to use Forge-based authentication. The Project Goals Greenpoint Technologies relies on extensive integration between Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle, Autodesk Vault, and various business systems to automate key Engineering processes. Greenpoint had a goal to beat the […]