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D3 adds new Ignite Training Plan to its already robust library of course offerings.

Springfield, MO – October 25, 2021 – D3 adds new Ignite Training Plan to its already robust library of course offerings. Ignite courses are designed to train students to utilize Advanced Manufacturing software by Autodesk efficiently and effectively.

D3 Technologies just announced its newest training program, Ignite. This plan joins the other educational courses offered by D3 to help users learn best practices for Autodesk software. Ignite focuses on helping customers use Advanced Manufacturing successfully. The program currently includes three training tracks covering Autodesk FeatureCAM, Autodesk CFD, and Autodesk Moldflow, with plans to expand to other areas in the coming months. These courses will comprehensively prepare students to use the software regardless of experience level.

D3 believes that Advanced Manufacturing is the future of the industry, and Autodesk’s recent product updates and releases verify that belief. Advanced Manufacturing is the process of creating fully customized and specialized parts. Autodesk software allows users to design and manufacture these parts just one time, flawlessly. From design to production, this process can drastically reduce wasted time and materials. Combine Autodesk’s software and D3’s training plans to become an unstoppable force in the future of manufacturing. As an Autodesk Platinum-level partner, D3 brings a trusted team of Advanced Manufacturing experts together to provide thorough and stimulating training courses in Autodesk software. Upon completion of the training, students will be able to confidently implement these products into their manufacturing processes.

Scott Bradley, D3’s Advanced Manufacturing Business Manager, says, “Advanced Manufacturing integrates technological processes into manufacturing to assist companies in their efforts to produce products more efficiently. At D3, we train our customers to create products in the least amount of time while minimizing waste. Advanced Manufacturing tools allow companies to achieve this goal, and we introduced the Ignite training plan to allow our customers to implement these tools effectively.”

“Team D3’s Ignite team has helped clients in Industrial Machinery, Electronics, Aerospace, and Building Product Manufacturing industries for years. While other Advanced Manufacturing training options are often confusing and costly, we built Ignite to simplify training options and cost,” says Ryan Johnson, Education Program Manager at D3. “With our new Ignite plans, we are excited to package our expertise into training tracks that are easy to follow and give you exactly what you need to get up and running and grow your Advanced Manufacturing capabilities to the next level!”

The Ignite FeatureCAM training track shows students everything there is to know about simulating toolpaths and programming parts to perform at their best.
Topics Include:

– Automatic Feature Recognition
– Creating toolpaths on surfaces or curves
– Verifying machine simulation and exporting posted codes
– Deep dive into specialized machining strategies

The Ignite CFD track was designed to train users on the fundamental concepts of successfully using computational fluid dynamics. In this track, students are involved in an in-depth exploration of the entire CFD workflow, from importing geometry to analyzing the solver’s results.
Topics Include:

– Industrial components
– Electronics cooling
– Building and design
– Demonstration of system design tools
– Training in design-based decision making

In the Ignite Moldflow Adviser track, students will be taught to use Autodesk Moldflow to simulate injection moldings for plastic parts. Training in this software will allow users to eliminate part defects and issues with molding.
Topics Include:

– The ENTIRE molding cycle through Cool/Fill/Pack/Warp analyses
– Modeling runners and cooling circuits
– Evaluating the manufacturability of plastic parts

On top of the flexibility to choose from three training tracks, the Ignite Training Program highlights other D3 offerings for students. D3 customers will also have access to the CAD LIVE Training Platform, a virtual classroom that provides instructor-led demonstrations and lectures, as well as hands-on activity in hosted software. This program features a wealth of Advanced Manufacturing courses along with a full library of other courses on CAD software, all in a remote and digital environment. Classes are updated regularly to include training for new updates so students will always be well versed in the current software.

Increase your knowledge in Advanced Manufacturing and Autodesk software with a training program designed to help launch your team toward innovation. The future of manufacturing is here; embrace it confidently by training with Ignite. The Ignite training tracks are all available now on D3’s website.

About D3 Technologies:
D3 Technologies is an Autodesk Platinum-level partner, dedicated to Autodesk manufacturing solutions in North America; including being a valued integrator of Autodesk manufacturing and plant solutions. From initial concept to the final product – D3’s solutions will transform your manufacturing and engineering operations by improving workflows, aligning you with the right technologies and providing educational pathways and support. D3 has been a trusted partner to US manufacturers since 1999, and we will continue to partner with those that demand the best. See a full list of our solutions and services on D3’s website

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