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D3 announces the unveiling of Lean Enterprise, a build on Lean Engineering, which D3 pioneered for the last 12 years.

SPRINGFIELD, MO – May 13th, 2020 – D3 announces the unveiling of Lean Enterprise, an evolution of Lean Engineering, which D3 pioneered over the last 12 years

Lean Engineering’s primary focus was limited to engineering & design processes, technologies, and data flow. The new methodology is a continuous improvement process designed to increase efficiencies & optimize every single area of a manufacturing business.

“I’ve been fortunate to work with manufacturing transformation initiatives for nearly three decades, and two of those have been as the founder of D3. In our twenty years of experience, D3 has cultivated a team of consultants that engaged in all levels of a manufacturing organization, helping them develop and execute business plans that achieve united goals.

It is with my own experience, combined with my team’s, and our mutual commitment to manufacturing, that we have developed the Lean Enterprise methodology. This holistic approach lets us engage with our clients in ways that transform them into the company they want to be.”  -Kevin Schlack, President of D3 Technologies

By focusing on “The Five Pillars” for Optimum Performance in Manufacturing Business, this new methodology strengthens all departments within a manufacturing organization. Whatever the objective, the Lean Enterprise methodology lets clients achieve more than cutting waste on the production floor. By focusing on the five key areas: Leadership, People, Processes, Technology, and Data, a holistic strategy is crafted that supports every department and best suits individual, organizational needs.

The methodology was perfected over the last 18 months, as D3 collaborated with client Cush Suspensions. By focusing on the 5 pillars, the results were transformational for Cush. D3 uncovered $1M in unaccounted for inventory. Furthermore, overall overhead was reduced by 20%, costs to build products decreased by 16%, and lead times shrank from 14 weeks to 4. Cush Suspension’s saw margins grow by 25%, and their Net profit increased by 3X. 

“We are now poised and positioned for accelerated growth and will most definitely capture more market share!” -Jason Klein, President of Engineering at Cush Suspensions.

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Founded in 1999, D3 Technologies is a group of Manufacturing Business & Technology Consultants. D3 is focused on enabling companies to implement the most intelligent 3D engineering and design technologies into their product development process.

Whether its improving workflows, alignment with the right technologies or providing educational pathways and support, D3 takes clients from initial concept to the final product by supporting the entire enterprise through a comprehensive approach.

In addition to D3’s consultative expertise & CAD neutral software solutions, they are a valued integrator of Autodesk design & manufacturing solutions and proud Autodesk Platinum-level partner.

See a full list of D3 Technologies solutions and services at:

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