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Developing Efficient Design Processes

A Team D3 Client Success Story with Page Southerland Page using Autodesk Revit

The Customer’s Challenge

Page Southerland Page’s primary challenge was to develop more efficient design processes that would yield measurable cost and time savings resulting from updated project design methodologies as well as faster and more effectual construction administration processes.  An overarching benefit will provide clearer project visualization and communication with their customers and project contractors. 

To implement the Revit/Environment solution into their workflows, Page Southerland Page needed to train their Landscape Architecture team on both Autodesk Revit and Arch-Intelligence Environment.  They also needed to create and implement workflows between their Architecture and Landscape Architecture teams.  Finally, they needed to expand the extensive Environment landscape feature library to include additional tree, plant, and other landscape symbols applicable to the physical building styles and natural environmental locations of their projects.

The Project Goals

  • Comprehensive consolidation of Page Southerland Page design teams throughout the Product Lifecycle Management process.
  • Optimum visibility, traceability, accountability, and communication for project vision and objectives for all projects.
  • More time and cost-effective methods for managing projects.
  • Improved understanding of project scope and elements among all teams allowing for better decision making by all parties.
  • The ability to transition their design process fully into a true BIM-based workflow.

The Solution

Team D3 proposed moving from an AutoCAD based design workflow to a Revit and Environment workflow for the Page Landscape Architecture team. From there, the staff received training for the use of the Autodesk software applications and the integrated Revit/ Arch-Intelligence Environment workflow, as well as its alignment with the other related Page Southerland Page project design workflows and existing enterprise solutions. The new procedure will also include the expansion of important content libraries and visualization methods to enhance the new design practices.

The Business Outcome

With the implementation of the TeamD3 prescribed solution, Page Southerland Page Landscape Architects were able to standardize on Autodesk software with Revit as the primary design authoring tool in conjunction with Arch-Intelligence Environment, positioning them to create a more focused and comprehensive BIM design procedure.  The Landscape Architecture Department confirmed the Autodesk Revit/Arch-Intelligence Environment combination as an effective way to move forward. Page Southerland Page realized immediate time and cost savings and continue to discover other workflow and collaboration benefits because of the unified design procedures and workflows available with the Autodesk Revit/Arch-Intelligence Environment sequenced solution. 


Page centralized on Autodesk technologies with Revit at the forefront for their design authoring tools and their BIM program.  Historically, Page’s Landscape Architecture Department had to continue to rely on AutoCAD because Revit did not provide applicable tools necessary for easy, clean, and accurate landscape design.  Page saw the Revit/Environment combination as an effective way to move forward.  In turn, Page can save time and present a unified design program using the Autodesk Revit and Environment combination.

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