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Forging New Meaning: ForgeFlow’s Place in the Autodesk Platform

Forging New Meaning: ForgeFlow’s Place in the Autodesk Platform

What happened to Autodesk Forge?

By now, you’ve likely caught word of Autodesk rebranding Forge, their cloud-based development platform, to Autodesk Platform Services (APS). Several years ago, Autodesk launched Forge as a set of web service APIs through which developers and customers alike can build innovative, cloud-powered applications. By extending these capabilities to customers, Autodesk took a giant leap in the space for developer tools and the initial step in their journey to create a platform consisting of industry clouds and a set of common, cloud-based services.

The Autodesk Platform includes industry clouds Autodesk Forma™, Autodesk Fusion™, and Autodesk Flow™. Autodesk Platform Services (APS) allows users to customize products, create innovative workflows, and integrate tools and data with the products within these clouds. To demonstrate the value APS contributes to the Autodesk Platform, a rebrand was necessary to establish a more substantial differentiation between the industry clouds and the evolving set of APIs formerly known as Forge.

autodesk-platform-services-final_Autodesk Platform Services_App Store_Light


What is ForgeFlow?

ff_full_logoEarlier this year, Team D3 launched ForgeFlow™, our suite of integrations for Autodesk apps in the cloud-based development platform now called APS. Both customers and developers can easily understand the product by picturing a flow of information throughout a platform originally dubbed Forge.

ForgeFlow is the single easiest way to leverage Autodesk Platform Services. The solution emerged when developers at Team D3 started building tools to automate the repeatable tasks they were completing for clients daily. Then, when they realized how many clients and developers across the Autodesk Platform could use these automation tools, they packaged them into a shared interface, and thus, ForgeFlow was born.


How does the Forge to APS rebrand affect ForgeFlow?

Team D3 recognizes and appreciates Autodesk’s steps to create a unified platform for the world’s builders, designers, and makers. With Autodesk Forge taking on a new name, ForgeFlow takes on a new meaning. We draw meaning from the denotation of the name ForgeFlow, rather than how it relates to the platform. With ForgeFlow, we can create – or forge – custom and configurable tools – or flows. These flows significantly increase the power and value of your Autodesk systems.


What is the future of ForgeFlow and the Autodesk Platform?

Forgeflow is available through Team D3 and will soon be listed in the Autodesk app store. Today, ForgeFlow contains many powerful integration tools for Fusion 360 Manage, part of the Autodesk Fusion cloud. Soon, Forgeflow features will be available for products in the Autodesk Forma cloud, including BIM 360. With this expansion across industry clouds, Team D3 is confident that we can aptly serve our clients in multiple disciplines, making their lives easier by forging one flow at a time.


Want to learn more about ForgeFlow? Just fill out the form below, and a member of Team D3 will reach out soon.  


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