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Discover Our Story

A rich history fuels our commitment to a sustainable future through forward-thinking solutions in the manufacturing, process and power, and AECO industries.

An Evolution of Innovators

Team D3 is an evolution of D3 Technologies, established in Springfield, MO in 1998. D3 is known to provide, develop, and implement the latest and greatest digital, design, and data technologies transforming the manufacturing space.

Over the years, strategic mergers and acquisitions empowered Team D3 with enhanced capabilities and a broader reach to serve those in the process and power and AECO industries.

"D3 started out with the same mission we have today, simply put, to help our clients succeed. We make their success a priority over our own. Over the years, we established great partnerships with our clients, which fueled our accelerated growth and brought us to where we are today. We're honored, humbled, and grateful for the trust our clients have instilled in us and remain committed to continuing our mission into the future."

- Kevin Schlack, Founder & CEO

The Convergence of Industry Expertise

True excellence comes from the seamless collaboration of diverse talents. We built an unrivaled team of business consultants by bringing the forces of industry-leading firms together. Each company brings its own rich story, a deep understanding, and a true purpose in serving clients.

Our collective strength fuels development and triumph in ways that set us apart from other consultants. The Team D3 coalition of brands creates a knowledge convergence, allowing us to solve and implement innovative ideas in the real world.

We leverage and develop new technologies that unite our industries. We are experts in the entire customer lifecycle, from the initial design stages to the final construction. We understand how products, buildings, and systems are engineered, simulated, manufactured, and constructed.

Our Commitment to

Sustainability is a crucial piece of our mission, so we set our sights on a bold future and ventured beyond borders. We sought a strategic partnership with an organization that shared our core values, putting clients and innovation at the heart of what they do.

In 2023, we joined Symetri, a global leading solution provider of digital BIM, product design, and lifecycle solutions. From the beginning, we deeply connected with Symetri through our shared journeys, close client relationships, and strong emphasis on positive company culture.

Expanding has allowed us to tackle complex challenges on a larger scale and explore new markets. Today, we proudly serve clients worldwide, providing businesses like yours with sustainable solutions that optimize efficiency, increase productivity, and champion environmental stewardship.

Team D3 is proud and dedicated to help those who shape our world, improve our quality of life, and make the planet a better place—one sustainable solution at a time.

The History of Team D3


Master Blue Print (later known as MasterGraphics) is established as a reprographer and opens its first office in downtown Madison, WI.  


ECAD, Inc is founded in Allen, TX and becomes an Autodesk authorized reseller soon after.


D3 Technologies acquires CADD Solutions and becomes an Autodesk authorized reseller.


D3 Technologies acquires CADVisions Autodesk manufacturing business. 


D3 Technologies acquires Autodesk reseller Vectorgraphics.


D3 Technologies acquires MasterGraphics' Autodesk manufacturing business.


D3 Technologies acquires the Autodesk division of JVH Engineering, Inc.


D3 Technologies acquires majority ownership in ECAD, Inc. “Team D3, a Coalition of Brands” launches officially. 


Master Blue Print becomes an Autodesk authorized reseller and changes its name to MasterGraphics. 


D3 Technologies is founded to help manufacturing companies implement the latest in engineering and design technologies.


Initial.AEC is founded in Denver, CO as an IT firm to support design software solutions. 


Initial.AEC becomes an Autodesk and Bluebeam authorized reseller. 


D3 Technologies acquires Pacificad’s Autodesk manufacturing business.  


MasterGraphics merges with Initial.AEC to form MG.aec. 


D3 Technologies acquires majority ownership in MG.aec.


Symetri acquires Team D3 and becomes the largest Autodesk global partner.

We Know Business

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