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Phase 6: Engineering Change Management

A Team D3 Client Success Story Focusing on the Power of Autodesk PLM

The Customer’s Challenge

In 2019, Hussey Seating, Inc. began a multi-phased process of implementing Autodesk PLM throughout their corporate engineering community. With each subsequent project phase, a new-found segment of the company was identified for which a new PLM workspace would be implemented to alleviate pain caused by manual processes, a lack of traceability, disconnected procedures, and system integration. In June 2022, Hussey Seating, Inc, together with Team D3, began the process of implementing an Engineering Change Management process for more definitive and efficient management of both their engineering change request and approval processes. 

The Project Goals

Hussey Seating, Inc. presented well-defined project goals and business objectives to Team D3 well before the project began. The goals and business objectives were headlined by their highest priorities: creating a workspace configuration for their Engineering Change Request (ECR) and Engineering Change Order (ECO) processes. Subordinate to those primary goals was the establishment of unique workflows for both their Engineering Change Request and Engineering Change Order methods. Included were establishing well-defined process scripting and automation while establishing distinct roles and permissions for all stakeholders from which a workflow notification sequence would be derived and instituted.

The Solution

Hussey Seating, Inc. engaged Team D3 to craft a solution architecture that would meet the client’s requirements and use customized programming that would both expand and compliment the Vault Professional capabilities needed for the client’s essential Engineering Change Management workflows. The Phase 6: Engineering Change Management (PLM) solution, as part of a multi-phased development, creates the foundation upon which all subsequent workspace components will be positioned and rooted.

The Business Outcome

The Team D3 Solution was overseen by a Project Manager whose role was to organize and coordinate the appropriate Team D3 resources while acting as a single point of contact for the project. The Team D3 project “Solution Architect” was responsible for the overall creation of the solution which included requirements gathering, documenting of the solution, and solution validation. The Team D3 “Implementation Consultant” then constructed the solution as defined by the “Solution Architect” while also leading both training and handover sessions as well as any migration activities from one environment to another (i.e., testing environment to production).


Hussey Seating, Inc. is well on its way to the adoption and utilization of its newly implemented Phase 6: Engineering Change Management (PLM) Workspace solution. Team D3 continues its involvement with user support and requested enhancements as the workflows gain traction with the greater end-user community. Ever present is Team D3 technical support for both Hussey Seating system administrators and their end-user community. Team D3 and Hussey Seating, Inc. will continue to monitor and make notes and collect information that will be important as they begin to map the next phases of the overall project.

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