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Team D3 To Meet the Increasing Need for Industrialized Construction

Team D3, a commonly owned coalition of brands that will meet the increasing need for industrialized construction 
May 9, 2022

After years of heavily investing to expand their capabilities through various strategic partnerships and acquisitions, D3 Technologies unveiled a new coalition that enables the respective companies to meet the increasing need for cutting-edge technology and consulting in industrialized construction.

Team D3 consists of D3 Technologies, MG-AEC Technology Partners, and ECAD Incorporated. The workflow analysis and automation experience within the industries of each respective company place Team D3 in a unique position to synthesize their expertise and bridge the gap between manufacturing and AEC to offer solutions that are not currently available elsewhere. It represents a convergence of knowledge that will allow the implementation of advanced concepts by leveraging innovative design technologies, utilizing years of industry experience, and applying continuous improvement methodologies.

Industrialized Construction (IC) is a rapidly emerging innovative technique that extracts data from BIM models to automate manufacturing models and other vital documentation, leading to the efficient construction of sustainable buildings, robust infrastructure, and dependable vital systems. It is essentially the application of manufacturing techniques in the built environment. IC enables firms to overcome complex changes and increasing demands for built spaces through accelerated fabrication, reduction of material waste, faster responsiveness to bids, and decreased time for manual production of prefabrication outcomes.

76% of engineering and construction decision-makers are currently putting more money into connected technologies to solve issues regarding cost and margin (Deloitte, 2021).

“One of the biggest trends I’m seeing is a convergence between AEC and manufacturing. What the AEC Industry needs today is better collaboration between AEC and manufacturing, so we are literally taking our BIM model directly to the shop floor. Team D3 is offering those solutions today!” – Jarod Schultz, Director of Industrialized Construction for Team D3 & MG AEC Technology Partners


“We’re able to leverage the 30 years of harvested data and literally connect those dots. No one else in the industry has the level of expertise that Team D3 does to propel this emerging vertical.” – Scott Bailey, president of MG


As a result of this integrated approach, Team D3 expects to be the first firm in the manufacturing and AEC industries to facilitate the adoption of IC technologies and processes for their clients.


About D3 Technologies
D3 Technologies is an Autodesk Platinum Partner, dedicated to Autodesk manufacturing solutions in North America; including being a valued integrator of Autodesk manufacturing and plant solutions. From initial concept to the final product – D3’s solutions will transform your manufacturing and engineering operations by improving workflows, aligning you with the right technologies, and providing educational pathways and support. D3 has been a trusted partner to US manufacturers since 1999, and we will continue to partner with those that demand the best. See a full list of our solutions and services on D3’s website.

About MG AEC Technology Partners
MG AEC Technology Partners is a premier provider of AEC technologies and services. MG combines broad expertise in AEC industry professional best practices and the technology solutions that help their clients create world-class projects. MG believes that a well-informed environment leads to the development of intelligent, sustainable, and effective projects for tomorrow’s world.

About ECAD, Inc.
ECAD, Inc., an Autodesk Platinum Partner, is one of the nation’s premier CAD software and services providers. We offer a variety of premium products, expert training and services, and superior support. ECAD are leaders in the Plant, Process, and Power Industries, known for their exceptional expertise in supporting their clients who participate in the Oil and Gas markets. With a variety of the industry’s best products, expert consulting services, professionally certified training, and superior support, our mission has been to deliver unmatched value and customer satisfaction through a unique approach that integrates hardware, software, and professional services.

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