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Our Training Plans

Find the right plan to empower your team and build the skills to drive success.

Evolve 360

Evolve 360 offers complete access to our instructor-led training. For one low upfront cost, you get access to any scheduled course whenever you need.

Evolve 360 delivers the highest quality training and flexibility at an incredible value compared to traditional training offerings. Built with our own unique course structure and training tracks that simplify learning paths, Evolve 360 is designed to help students ensure that the time they invest is directly related to your organization’s goals.

“Lisa is a good instructor, exhibiting patience and thorough product knowledge. Highly recommend her to others in my company starting to take these courses.”

- Jeff Follis
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Additional Training Plans


Learn to use Autodesk’s Advanced Manufacturing software to make on-demand products with reduced waste and parts.

Fusion Velocity

Ensure your entire team is up to date with current Fusion best practices. This training program fits novices and veteran users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Numerous studies cite training and continuous improvement as key drivers of a company’s long-term success and continued viability. Companies with a strong learning culture consistently outpace others in annual revenue growth and return on equity.

Our training plans help create a strong learning culture around your software investments and workflows. We help you plan for learning in advance so it doesn’t get crowded out by last-minute priorities; however, our training plans are flexible to allow for adjusting to meet the realities of business. Within each training plan, our classes are focused and short—which helps to increase retention and allows you to build learning into your schedule without disrupting business.

Yes! Our training plans maintain a low entry cost because we spread the traditionally expensive investment in training among many participants. You’ll often train alongside other companies, improving the learning environment and diversifying outcomes.

Our training plans include unlimited training in any classes associated with the plan. Our courses range from core concepts to advanced niche topics, organized with a clear naming and numbering scheme that helps you identify what classes will meet your needs.

Your training plan includes a dedicated client success advisor who will help you set goals and get the most out of your training. Your advisor will help identify expected training results and meet with you throughout the year to measure and validate how training has helped you progress toward your goals.

All of our training plans include live, instructor-led classes. We hold most training on CAD LIVE, our Live Instructor-led Virtual Education platform, which we built so you can attend our training courses from anywhere!

Each plan is more than just live training. Many of our courses include supplemental self-paced content, forums, and reference material to continue your learning after you attend the live session.

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