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Upgrading to Vault 2023 and Enhancing Integrations

A Team D3 Client Success Story with Greenpoint Technologies Focusing on Vault 2023

The Customer’s Challenge

Upgrading to the most recent 2023 version of Autodesk Vault Professional comes with necessary changes to the SDK (Software Development Kit) and API of Vault. This most recent Vault upgrade had to take into consideration both potential changes to existing custom developments as well as addressing the potential need for new enhancements. This upgrade also needed to address integrations that Greenpoint Technologies leverages between Vault and other business systems such as Autodesk Fusion 360 Manage and Autodesk Inventor. Due to the changes in the SDK and API aspects in the new 2023 version of Vault, there was a potential need to change the coding of the existing integrations to work with Vault Professional 2023. Technical expertise will be necessary to update the integration and “handshakes” with Fusion 360 Manage and Inventor 2023. 

The Project Goals

The goals for the project were to verify that Fusion 360 Manage, Inventor, and Vault Integrations were still active and functioning properly after the Vault Professional upgrade to version 2023 was completed. If it was determined that the Fusion 360 Manage, Inventor, and Vault Integrations were not operating as they should be, Team D3 would update those pieces of software, revise the existing integrations, or develop solutions to provide the same outputs that occurred before the upgrade to the 2023 version of Vault Professional.

The Solution

Team D3 was enlisted to perform an Autodesk Vault upgrade for Greenpoint Technologies from Vault Professional version 2022 to version 2023. Once Vault Professional is upgraded to 2023, the existing integrations needed to be validated and if changes were required, updates would be applied to the integrations. Greenpoint has related integrations, custom apps, add-ons, and customizations in their current environment that may need to be enhanced or modified in some way in coordination with the move to Vault 2023. All affected business systems fall under one of four categories: Jitterbit, custom Apps, Embedded Code, PowerShell, and a fifth project-related category referred to as “test” or “sandbox” that is utilized during the actual project execution for verification of project “stage-gate milestones.”

The Business Outcome

The prescribed solution met the desired customer goals. Lessons learned from previous similar upgrades aided in a well-planned and executed solution implementation.

Team D3 drew on past experience on similar upgrade projects across multiple business types and accumulated knowledge of Greenpoint’s complex and integrated corporate business systems ensuring that the implementation of the Vault Professional upgrade resulted in minimal disruption to day-to-day business activities.


When the project concluded, the primary goal of minimizing downtime to business during the upgrade process of complex integrated business systems was accomplished. With Team D3’s experience with previous upgrades, they were able to effectively gather and organize the information around all the connection points which made the implementation of the solution play out with a high level of predictability and success.  With a well-planned and mapped-out project, Team D3 and Greenpoint were able to effectively set the stage for future upgrades and related projects.

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