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The United States Olympic Museum

A Team D3 Client Success Story Focusing on Autodesk Forge and BIM to Create an Interactive, Online Experience for the Public

The Customer’s Challenge

To answer an outpouring of interest from athletes and the public, the challenge was then to individually model aluminum panels as a form of virtual tender. The program could allow each panel to be figuratively adopted, like buying a star. For our team, the technological challenge was how to take an extremely robust dataset in the Building Information Model and make it accessible to the public in an intuitive, web-ready way to adopt a panel through donation thus providing content funding that can live on for generations.

The Project Goals

  • Create an interactive online experience for visitors who want to adopt a panel by picking on a panel, applying their name and some description on the panel while donating to the Museum. 
  • Provide the donor a URL to share with friends and family and even share it on social media which would take the viewer to the BIM model and zoom to the sponsored panel.
  • Provide the donor a way to print a certificate with their name and description. 
  • Make the panel and donation process as simple as possible using common “game” type buttons and commands that are familiar to the public. 

The Solution

  •  The Autodesk Forge platform was used to bring all the technology together into a very easy and intuitive GUI (graphical user interface) for the donor. 
  •  Because the panel fabrication, placement, and installation sequence required by construction was so precise, each panel was assigned a serial number. We worked with the museum to conceptualize how users would interact with the model to visit the museum virtually and become invested in the panel adoption.
  •  The finished platform allows users to create personalized messaging on a panel or series of panels, and sponsors will receive a certificate of adoption. A unique URL is generated for them to share privately or publicly.
  • Our team used Autodesk Forge to create a web-friendly portal that breaks the BIM model into bite sizes and allows users to explore the building inside and out without being overwhelmed by the model’s inherent intricacy.

The Business Outcome

The United States Olympic Museum joined with us using Autodesk Forge and Cloud-based Building solutions in conjunction with their construction partner to collectively conceptualize, develop a solution, and implement that solution. The result is a very sleek and robust process that allows donors to the Olympic Museum to easily experience the Building Information Model, choose a panel to sponsor, and donate to the museum in an easy-to-use web-based experience. 


“We formed a strategic partnership with Team D3, and they were able to take this wonderful intellectual asset in the Building Information Model and make it accessible to the public in an intuitive, web-ready way. The intent is to deliver an impressive visitor experience showcasing a collection of customizable content that refreshes continually. They are an important part of the Diamond Donor Program, which funds that mission.”  – Chris Liedel, CEO of The United States Olympic Museum

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