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The Revu 21 Deployment Process

When it comes to installing an application, many are familiar with the countless windows that require a button to be pressed for the installation to progress. With the release of Revu 21, the new process for creating and managing deployment has been modified. A deployment is recommended for organizations requiring mass installment over their network. […]

Convergence of Desktop, Collaboration, Data, and Digitization Part 2

Continuing from our Part 1 conversation, the Venn diagram includes a Communication layer that builds upon the previous design and data convergence. In our earlier conversation, we talked about having multiple connection points to different software solutions and looking at that data through dashboards and reports. Still, we need to expand on this further.

Team D3 is Taking on the Construction Industry

The construction industry is taking on new life with the integration and automation of data within construction projects. Team D3 is bringing their decades of AECO and manufacturing expertise to the table to improve and revolutionize the construction industry with Team D3 Construction Solutions.

Convergence of Desktop, Collaboration, Data, and Digitization

Looking at this Venn diagram, we at Team D3 are starting to see a convergence of different industries and disciplines like we have never seen before. Starting at our desktops with our design files, and then collaborating with everyone in the cloud, trying to connect our data in as many ways as possible, and lastly […]

Introducing Bluebeam Cloud & Revu 21

Bluebeam® is dedicated to continuing to deliver best-in-class markup technology and industry-specific tools that enable you to save time and money, project after project. Bluebeam’s new cloud-based solutions, along with tools you know and love, give you the flexibility to work from anywhere. You’ll have more mobility, easier access, and greater security as you work […]

Hyperlinking PDF’s in Revu

The Hyperlink tool in Revu® is used to insert and view hyperlinks in a PDF. When creating a hyperlink, you can choose between a few options to define what action is being taken. You may easily hyperlink a select location or hyperlink selected text. Below, we’ll dive deeper into the different types of hyperlinks that […]

Navigating the Bluebeam Gateway Portal

The Bluebeam® Gateway portal is an online administrative portal available for Primary Contacts of Bluebeam licensing to manage users and licensing activity. Admins have the ability to view all owned licenses, manage registered machines, and view user activity.